Nicki Minaj Bubbles In ‘Where Them Girls At’ Video

David Guetta is ‘a crazy scientist’ in Nothing But the Beat clip.
By Akshay Bhansali

David Guetta in his music video for “Where Them Girls At”
Photo: EMI Music France

Garnering over 12.5 million views online in just over a week, crossover beatsmith and global touring DJ David Guetta’s video for “Where Them Girls At” — his latest pop-radio charting single featuring rapper Flo Rida and Nicki Minaj — intentionally or not builds on a previous clip from his album One Love.

In Guetta’s video for “Gettin’ Over You,” fans might remember a back-alley dance-off with Fergie, LMFAO and the Jabbawockeez crew in which the music emanating from a studio session unites the neighborhood in the spirit of house music and Guetta’s “one love” mantra.

With his video for “Where Them Girls At,” Guetta means to have a more dramatic effect: spreading his unifying gospel not just to one neighborhood, but across the entire city of Los Angeles. The video features the French producer perched high on top of a roof emitting enormous bubbles across L.A. Passersby on the streets watch curiously as the bubbles float about them, but rapper Flo Rida is the first to observe a sunbathing poolside beauty come in physical contact with one: Immediately, as if puppeteered by Guetta himself, she begins to dance frantically.

When MTV News caught up with Guetta recently, he explained, “The idea behind the ‘Where Them Girls At’ video is me being kind of a crazy scientist on the rooftop on my own and making bubbles.

“Every time they are touching someone, the person becomes totally crazy and starts to do those crazy dance moves,” he continued. “So basically, the bubbles represent the music and the love that I’m trying to give to the world.”

A blond Minaj, in a club setting, seems to be another conduit for Guetta’s dance-inducing bubbles, swallowing up a big one and releasing smaller bubbles throughout her verse.

Citizens across the City of Angels all begin to cut a rug, and toward the end of the clip, we see just how the mad scientist is releasing his concoction: A bevy of beauties pour soapy water into a hybrid bubble-making DJ setup seemingly straight out of “Back to the Future.”

David Guetta’s next album, Nothing But the Beat — set for an August 30 release — will be a double disc featuring a string of Guetta’s big-name friends, including Usher, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Ludacris, Taio Cruz, Timbaland, Sia and Jennifer Hudson, in addition to Flo Rida and Nicki Minaj.

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